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  • Subhakar Rao, Managing Director - Lifestyle Product Provider

    Subhakar Rao

    Subhakar Rao Vision

    Managing Director Subhakar Rao sees Silpam as more than just a lifestyle product provider system, but as a latest foreign appliance force that's going to compel the entire life industry to sit up and take notice. Rao's Silpam will offer fun lifestyle with quality appliance for life.

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    Subhakar Rao mission

    Our mission is to be the world's most vibrant online lifestyle store company, creating sustainable solutions necessary to a superior, safer and healthier life for people everywhere. Establishing and building upon our legacy, Silpam will become the recognized leader in transformative online lifestyle store through engaged learning, lifestyle community participation, and the development of online store.

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    Subhakar Rao Values

    Directed by persistent focus that good home appliances and lifestyle products are not to be taken for granted. We will continually endeavor to implement the critical enterprise required to attain our vision. In doing this, we will bring equipped superiority in every corner of the organization and get together or go beyond our commitments to the many constituencies we serve. All of our continuing approach and immediate actions will be molded by a set of core principles that are shared by each and every associate.

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    Subhakar Rao Contribution

    Subhakar Rao once said there is nothing as powerful as an online store where time has come for Indians to buy foreign products, you may call it an online retail store, a lifestyle store, you may call it an electronics store it's not as important as to what you call it, no it's how you define our services. That mission and vision statement is more prevailing more important, more powerful, than the baggage of the past.

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    Role of Subhakar Rao

    As the managing director of Silpam, Subhakar Rao oversees the operation of Silpam business units. Subhakar Rao is responsible for driving development and sales force efforts at Silpam and leads the Strategic Accounts, Service Providers, Alliances team for the company's distribution, and direct sales solutions enhance to lifestyles around the India.

    Commitment on Silpam by Subhakar Rao

    Mr. Subhakar Rao was the only person to have held the offices of Managing Director since Silpam's founding. His 9 year career with Silpam involves numerous roles and responsibilities, specializing in service and support for retail enterprise environments. At Silpam, Subhakar Rao made a fully transactional website, reflecting Silpam’s commitment to offering our customers greater value, a wider choice and excellent service across every area in which we trade.

    Subhakar Rao Promises to provide World Class Products

    Subhakar Rao through Silpam planning to offer 5000 plus world class products to the Customers across India. Silpam is a growing online shopping company that offers innovative products to all Indian consumers at best prices promising full value for money. At this point of time Subhakar Rao has announced three unique products out for all the customers.

    • Massage Chair - Silpam proudly offer you the wide range of best in class massage chairs on the internet today. Finding you the absolute best value in massage chairs is our goal.

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    • Electric Bikes - Electric bikes available online at Silpam, Fine selection of quality electric bikes. For eco friendly riding Since electric bikes don't burn Petrol/Gasoline, you'll be helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions at reduced maintenance cost.

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    • Handycams - Find best deals on Handycams here, Buy Camcorders, Handycams online here at lowest prices at no extra charge for shipping. Silpam is a one-stop-shop for all types of latest digital cameras, SLR Cameras and handycams

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    Subhakar Rao planning to roll out wide range of new digital electrical and electronic products such as Home Theaters, TV's, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones, Induction Cooktop, Microwave Owens at mind blowing discounts on market price.